Site tracking

Site tracking is a way of measuring activities on your website and relate the activity to your campaigns. So, if a user clicks or sees your banner before visiting your website, this will be tracked and reported in your campaign results.

Adding this lightweight piece of code to your website enables in-depth campaign reporting as well as advanced targeting options like retargeting or using AI algorithms that will show ads only to users that are predicted to make a specific action or purchase on your website. So, if you have any direct response goals, such as driving leads, subscriptions, or product sales, site tracking is extremely important for you.

What is needed to implement it

The process will take only a couple of minutes. After receiving the required assets from your account manager, add the JavaScript code to selected pages on your website. There is no maintenance necessary once the code is in place.

The code can be implemented to any part of the web page code since it loads asynchronously. If there is no need to pass additional parameters (such as ‘sales’, ‘order id’ etc.), it can be copy-pasted to the source code of the page or tag management solution.

Please reach out to your account manager to receive the tracking points and technical documentation for your webmaster.

Use cases

With site tracking installed you can measure, optimize, and develop target groups for your advertising campaigns.

  • Set and measure website actions as KPI’s of your campaign. With site tracking installed, you can track every click of a button on your website, as well as the time spent on each page. So, you can compare different channels and campaigns, understanding which approach brings you the highest quality and how effectively digital advertising campaigns are working for you

  • Use predictable bidding algorithms that will focus on showing impressions only to users that are similar to the ones that make selected actions on your website. If there is a lot of activity and sales going on, it is possible to focus only on that. If the sales are not consistent, you can focus on bringing in quality traffic that is predicted to spend time on your website and not bounce off right away


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