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Adcombi connection with Adform

How to setup a connection with Adform

How to setup a connection with Adform 

Last update: 25 October, 2021

Best practice is to create a new user in your Adform account that connects to Adactivate. From this user profile we need:

  1. Adform Username

  2. Adform Password

Next to this we need you to ask Adform for:

  • Client id

  • Client secret id

  • Add to add a list of scopes to the api

Underneath this document we created a mail that you can copy directly to technical@adform.com. Once you have the "username", "password", "client" and "client secret", you send this items to support@adcombi.io. We will setup your account and you will receive the Adcombi login back from us!

Ad 1+2: In the settings of this user we need you to take the following steps:

  1. When logged into Adform, select "User management" in "Account settings"

  2. Make sure to select the user you created earlier

  3. Select the tab "Module Access"

  4. Add all checkboxes of "Base Data", all of "Campaign", all of "Banners" and all of "Quick Stats".

  5. Add "Real Time Bidding" with the checkbox of "RTB Setup". Then check the appearing boxes for "Trading Desk Rights" & "Deal Management". At "Additional services", select the checkboxes "External API" & "Reporting Stats API"

  6. Scroll down and click save

  7. Mail to technical@adform.com


Dear Adform,

We are happy to announce that we are going to work together with Adform and Adcombi via your API. For setting up the connection on Adcombi please find the required information for setting up and OAuth client for us.

Authorization flow: Client Credentials
List of scopes:

advertiser:   'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.advertisers',
project:         'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.campaigns.api',
campaign:    'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.rtb.lineitem',
stat:               'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.stats',
report:           'https://api.adform.com/scope/eapi',
size:               'https://api.adform.com/scope/bannersettings.dimensions',
agency:          'https://api.adform.com/scope/agencies.readonly',
users:             'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.classifiers.readonly',
postal_codes: 'https://api.adform.com/scope/integrations.classifiers.readonly',
tag:                 'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.unified.tags',
classifiers:     'https://api.adform.com/scope/integrations.classifiers.readonly',
domain:         'https://api.adform.com/scope/templates.domains',
orders:           'https://api.adform.com/scope/buyer.orders'

Please also activate 3rd party banners on our seat.

Many thanks in advance, and kind regards!


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