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What to think of before you start building your ads

Combine this article with Practical tips to make your banners effective.

Display advertising is used more and more often to create brand awareness. Unfortunately not all banner ads have the desired effect. So, how do you build programmatic banner ads that reach new customers and build positive brand perceptions? If you apply these 5 tips to your banner creation you will be sure to reap the benefits for your brand.

1. Make sure your offer provides value

The offer in the banner should always be of value to the person viewing it. Make sure your proposition is clear. Offer, for example, a product or service with a discount or a best-tested product. Make sure not to mislead your audience. Be clear and honest.

2. Match design with your brand identity

Match the design of the banner with your brand identity. If your banner ads have the same look and feel as your website (like logos, fonts and colors), your audience will immediately recognize who you are and what you offer

3. Test for best performances to increase conversion

To increase conversions, it is essential to run A/B tests. A/B testing gives you insight into which banner performs best. It takes one or two days to compare two different banners, so chances are that you’ll get vastly different results. Analyze the collected data to see which type of banner delivers you higher click rates and conversions.

4. Make banners dynamic to increase effect

Add a dynamic element into the banner. Each user will get a different dynamic message based on his or her demographics or activity on the web. Users appreciate this, because the ad applies better to them. That’s why dynamic banners are 2 to 4 times more effective than static banners.

5. Call for the right action

Last but certainly not least is the Call to Action button. Make sure to tell people what is expected of them in the button. For example ‘learn more’ or ‘buy now’. Ideally you know where viewers are in your purchase cycle so the button will match their needs. If customers are new to your product and are still in the research phase, the “learn more” button is the better choice. The “buy now” can result in no clicks.

Now that you are aware of these tips you can start optimizing your banner ads.

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