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Getting started - displayvideo.google.com

For using the Adcombi Technology on top of your DV360 an API connection is used. Here is explained in 5 steps in how to utilize the power of Adcombi Technology and be ready to go in no time.

Getting started

  1. Request access:
    Request to setup a connection via support@adcombi.io.
  2. Create API connection:
    With the Google Service Account Email you receive back from Adcombi, you can create a user in https://displayvideo.google.com/ with the access rights. See in detail
  3. Get Logins:
    You will also receive logins via email for https://suite.adcombi.com, where your connection is already setup. 
  4. Start your imports:
    Once the user is set up correctly in https://displayvideo.google.com/, your can importing the advertiser, locations that are part of this advertiser and targeting template settings.
  5. Unleash the power:
    Now you can setup your projects and start booking campaigns and line items in bulk. With each line item a unique targeting area, budget, naming, runtime and unique creative. 

Of course Adcombi is here to assist to get the most out of your connection and your local campaigns!