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Creative Change

Manual or Automated


Navigate to your project on suite.adcombi.com and select the creatives

  1. Erase your previous creatives 
  2. Upload your new creative set



    Easy to use

    Manual work

    All creatives uploaded to all campaigns

    Need to allocate time and not scheduled

    No need to invest time in extra dynamic values

    Every time new creative set needed



    All elements can be dynamically changed if they are available in the data feed. 

    Updating the data feed will update the creatives instantly.

    There are 2 options:

    Option 1

    Edit directly in the Adcombi data feed from your campaign. Here is how this would work via suite.adcombi.com.

    Option 2

    External data feed is attached to your creatives. This could be a product feed or weather feed or only a feed with the offer from this week. 

    This data feed with the offer of this week contains the text, images, pricing, etc for the current campaign. This can be updated by the client itself and be visualised in the creative in this way.




    Quick and easy to change dynamic values every day/week/month.

    Setup of the creative requires more work in dynamization. 

    Will provide no issues in code like certain fields not being present etc. 

    Less flexibility on the positioning of objects. 

    Because there will not be any additional issues, it will also require less labour.

    Consider text lengths and image sizes

    Can be time scheduled in changes