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Campaign planning by Adcombi

Campaign planning

It sounds logical enough that every company works with a well thought out campaign planning. But in reality, it often happens that a lot of things still need to happen at the very last moment, right before a campaign needs to go live. However, to prevent mistakes and delays due to last-minute stress, we would kindly ask you to deliver all the required assets three working days prior to the start of the campaign.

Why do I need to deliver all assets three working days prior to the start of the campaign?

Our team needs to schedule the required time to check all the assets, set up your campaign, and make sure that everything is working properly. Checking, editing, and testing the banners will take up most of the time. If the banners won’t meet our specifications for uploading banners, then we have to make some changes to make sure everything will work as it should. This can take a couple of hours, or in the worst case, a few days of sending files back and forth.

To make sure that the campaign will start in time, please send us the assets at least three working days prior to the start of the campaign!

What kind of assets do I need to deliver?

To run the campaign for you, we will need the following assets:

  • Campaign Strategy/KPI's

  • Runtime (start- and end date)

  • Campaign Budget

  • Pricing

  • Targeting strategy

  • Banners (see specifications)

Campaign Strategy

It is important for us to know what the KPI’s of the campaign are. These are specific goals related to branding or performance. With this information, we can give you the best advice on how to get the best results!


To book in a campaign, we need to know the exact start- and end date of the campaign. These dates are mandatory to start a campaign.

Campaign Budget

Also, the budget is mandatory in order to start a campaign. Next to the total campaign budget, we need to know how the budget needs to be divided between the different locations, dealers, or strategies.


With pricing, we mean the preferred pricing strategy. This can be a CPC or CPM target for example. CPC means Cost Per Click and the algorithm will target the ID's which are most likely to click on your ad. CPM stands for Cost Per Mille. This means that you'll pay per thousand impressions. For more information about pricing, please visit our campaign performance page. If you would like to have an indication of a good bid price, please contact us for advice regarding your pricing strategy.

Targeting strategy

To make sure your ads reach the right audience, we need to know how we want to target them. For example, the targeting strategy can include locations, devices (desktop, tablets, smartphones), in-app versus web, timing schedules, or 3rd party audience data like interests or demographics. Only if we have this information, we can set up the best suitable targeting setup for your brand.


Also, the banners are mandatory, because without banners there’s nothing to show to the target audience. Having trouble with creating your own banners? Here are some tips to help you in the right direction!

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