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Banner issues

Banners are complex documents written in code by professionals. Errors can easily be made while writing such code. That’s why it’s important to test the banners thoroughly before the campaign goes live.

In a banner, many different problems can arise. For example, the image might not be loaded correctly, or incorrect information can be displayed. In many of these cases, the solution is often simpler than expected. In all cases, please contact the relevant operations manager so that he/she can look at it.

Issues that have occurred in the past

Several problems have already been discovered and solved in the past. Some of the most common problems are spelling errors, images not loading, dynamic information not being correct, and location.

Wrong location as a reason and not an issue

The location facility of a device can be retrieved based on IP address or coordinates. This has a very significant impact on the location targeting accuracy of the campaign. The various options are discussed and further explained below.

IP address

IP addresses can and may be targeted, but to a certain extent. The IP addresses have been linked by Adform to cities and postcodes. This gives the delivery an accuracy of at least 90% within the specified region. As with postcodes and cities, IP addresses also cover an area. Because we can only target 84.241.196.XXX according to the GDPR, we cannot guarantee 100% certainty that the banners will also be delivered in the set region.


Another option is to target based on coordinates. This requires the device in question to have a location facility. Usually, only mobile phones have a location facility, while laptops and desktops do not. As a result, the range is also limited to mobile.

If the location of a device is shown in the banner, it will do so based on the IP address or the coordinates of the device in question. Therefore, if this information is not retrieved correctly, a different location will be displayed.

What should you do if a creative is displayed differently than expected?

If you see an error in the banner, email us directly at support@adcombi.io. one of the operations managers will then look at the problem and try to solve it as soon as possible. The campaign will be paused temporarily until the problem is resolved.

How are we going to solve this?

After the report, one of our operations managers will look into the problem. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our operations managers, they are able to solve most problems with the banners themselves. In some cases, one of our developers will help with technical problems or complex cases.

After the issue is resolved, the operations manager will contact you to review the changes and preview the banner. After that, the custom banners are uploaded and the campaign is reactivated.

Have any issues that you can't find a solution to? Send us an email at support@adcombi.io and we will help you out as soon as possible.

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