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Adcombi connection with Google DV360

How to create a connection between your DV360 partner account with Adcombi Technology

For the connection between Adcombi Technology and Google DV360 we use "Service Accounts" from Google Cloud. Your customer success manager at Adcombi can create a service account e-mail for you. Once you have received these emails, you can add these users to your DV360 partner account. 

  1. Create a new user in your DV360 account with the e-mail address from the service account and for support@adcombi.io. Here is a shortcut to go directly to the page for creating a user.  
    Capture 2021-10-21 at 15.53.49
    With creating the user, also add your partners and/or advertisers you want your service account to work with. 
    Important: the minimum user role needs to be "standard" or higher. 
    Capture 2021-10-21 at 16.01.00
  2. Once the accounts are created, please inform your customer success manager from Adcombi. He or she will create your accounts for the Adcombi Technology afterwards.